How to Create an Editorial Calendar (Tips, Tools, & Free Template!)

How to Create an Editorial Calendar (Tips, Tools, & Free Template!)

Being a substance maker can be overpowering. Keeping up with web journal posts, guides, and everything else on the plan is difficult work!

Presently, envision a framework that keeps track of all the substance you need to form, all the steps you have got to require when making it, and where each piece of substance is at in its creation handle.

Sound like a removed dream? Well, it’s not. It’s called a piece of calendar and in this post, I’m getting to appear you precisely how to make one, with a free layout as well!

On the off chance that you’re seeking out for a way to streamline and speed up your work stream, studied on.

Table of contents

  • What is an editorial calendar?
  • Why use an editorial calendar?
  • How to create an editorial calendar
  • Free editorial calendar tools
  • Free editorial calendar template

What is an editorial calendar?

An article calendar is more than fair a plan of your content. It’s a visual instrument that lets one individual or a complete group to arrange, make, plan, and advance content—for the following week, month, or indeed year. It incorporates the assignments, group individuals, and due dates included at each organize.

Why use an editorial calendar?

The benefits of utilizing a writing calendar are numerous, but here are many :

More cohesive substance. 

Once you arrange out your substance in development, you’ll organize it into topics and make pieces that bolster one another each month.
Spare time. You continuously know precisely what substance to work on following, taking journalists square out of the condition. Also, all of your tasks are prioritized and streamlined. Some publication calendar instruments indeed have integrative where you’ll be able distribute and advance over different stages at once.

Remain on track.

 A writing calendar guarantees simply and each group part can advance along side the timeline of a venture, and make beyond any doubt no assignment is cleared out fixed or deferred.

Store thoughts.

Combining an thought bank along with your substance calendar is exceptionally successful thought capturing on the go, particularly in the event that you’ll get to your calendar on portable.
In my encounter, utilizing a piece calendar has made a colossal contrast within the way I work and I have never looked back. Hesitation regularly happens when we don’t know what to do following, and so we delay the work at hand.

But for me at slightest, when I know that all I ought to do is conduct the distinctive assignments recorded in my particular checklists, I am more beneficial and I linger much less. Presently, I trust it can do the same for you!

Keep perusing and I’ll appear you how you’ll utilize a free layout of a Trello-based publication calendar.

How to create an editorial calendar

Here are a few foundational standards to direct you within the prepare.

1. Build up a free content strategy

Whereas a commentary calendar can assist you to refine your substance technique, you are doing have to be have an introductory system to start with. You’ll utilize our direct to making a content strategy for a more profound jump, but here are a few essential questions to begin with.

What are your objectives?

Are you looking to extend natural activity with web journal posts, generate leads with gated substance, deliver deals enablement materials? This will assist you reply the another question…

What type(s) of substance are you making?

For natural activity, you’ll require SEO web journal posts. For gated substance, you’ll ought to create PDF ebooks. For deals enablement, you’ll ought to make one-sheets and slide decks. For brand mindfulness and interface building, you’ll likely got to compose visitor posts.

How much substance do you need to distribute?

Based on the substance sort and group estimate, you ought to have a few reasonable objectives and targets for how much substance you need to distribute each week, month, and year.

2. Lay out your work stream

Once you have got an thought of what substance you need to produce and how much of it, you’ll be able lay out your workflow. This incorporates:

Your ideation handle.

How do you discover, store, and oversee your substance thoughts?

SEO optimizations.

You’ll need to incorporate catchphrase investigate and on-site and off-site assignments.

Lay out the diverse stages and particular exercises of your workflow, and relegate any labels, color codes, or names that are imperative to imagine and keep up generation timelines.

3. Select a piece calendar computer program

With an understanding of your procedure, workflow, and group estimate, presently you’ll have to be discover out which computer program is most reasonable for you and/or your group. Which is what this another area will cover.

Publication calendar devices

There are a few diverse approaches and instruments you’ll be able utilize to make your claim publication calendar for complimentary.

Extend administration computer program

Extend administration program like Asana and Trello are regularly the go-to for editorial calendars. My colleagues and I utilize the free version of Trello and we adore it! With Trello, you have got a workspace and inside your workspace you’ll make sheets. Inside sheets are cards where you’ll include depictions, checklists, names, due dates, connections, and more. This makes it basic to keep track of different viewpoints of the substance creation handle.


Spreadsheet computer program like Exceed expectations and Google Sheets can be utilized for publication calendars in case you don’t have the time to memorize modern program, but they are more manual and not as visual. I have made an case in a spreadsheet to illustrate what a piece calendar in Excel/Google docs might see like. Feel free to create your possess based on this proposal.

Regular calendars

Customary calendars like Viewpoint or Google Calendar can be great choices for visualizing and planning assignments quick and easy—plus you’ll get built-in updates. Moreover, you’ll be able make checklist layouts with particular errands over the diverse stages of the workflow, and glue them into the calendar note field to keep track of what you’ve got done and what’s remaining.

In any case, normal calendars might not be the most excellent in case you need to keep track of status in an efficient way and see everything in one look. Here’s a basic diagram of how a month’s worth of arranged substance might see like in Google Calendar, with color codes utilized to recognize the sort of substance and status.

Free Trello editorial calendar template

Trello editorial calendar template

And here are its three components:

Records: The records are utilized to speak to the diverse stages of substance, from ideation to advancement.
Checklists: The checklists are utilized to include assignments to cards.
Names: Colored names speak to statuses, for illustration “Pending review”.

Once you choose to form substance on one of your thoughts, essentially move the card into the “date assigned” list and set a date for it.

The checklists

This publication calendar has a few distinctive checklists, each important to distinctive stages of the substance creation prepare. Okay, but what kind of checklist am I talking almost here? Well, in truth, checklists for making a difference you along each step of the method!

Keyword research

This is often the exceptionally first checklist you conduct when making a bit of substance. Here you’ll be able select between the free approach, or the paid approach utilizing Ahrefs. I utilize both strategies. I have made a post on how to do free catchphrase inquire about.

Audit draft checklist:

Title, substance structure, call to activity, pictures distinguished.

Survey checklist. 

Important when altering your to begin with draft and getting it prepared for distribution. It’s essentially on-site SEO stuff, optimizing for social media sharing, quality check etc.

Distributing and beginning advancement checklist.

For distributing and advancing your substance. It’s a list of a few diverse channels to advance your substance in.

Follow-up promo checklist.

Advancement exercises one year after distribution.

Pinterest distributing checklist:

Step-by-step checklist on how to create pins and plan them for post advancement on Pinterest.

To purport any of these checklists into a card:

  • Go to the card in which you need to moment a checklist
  • Press the “Checklist” choice on the card’s right-hand side.
  • Select “Copy things from…” and select your planning checklist from the menu.

The labels

In this format, I utilize names for substance sort as well as status. Usually awesome for remaining organized and in control of your plan.

You’ll include unused names as well to customize it as you want. Here are the names I utilize for substance sorts:

  • Blog post
  • Video
  • Email newsletter
  • Guest post
  • Freebie
  • Podcast episode
  • Passive income products

Here are the labels I use for content status:

  • Draft in progress
  • Pending review
  • Scheduled (publish date)
  • Published

How to get this free editorial calendar template

Here’s how you get your copy of the board:

  • If you don’t have a Trello account already, go sign up for Trello at
  • Log in to your Trello account
  • Once signed up / logged in, click here
  • Now you should be inside the board. Click the icon with the 3 dots on it at the top right, and choose “More”.
  • Click on the “copy board” option
  • Now go back to your workspace overview in Trello. You should be able to access your new editorial calendar from there!

Pro tips for this editorial calendar

Presently I’ll take off you with a few last tips for getting the foremost out of this format!

1. Customize to your liking

Note that this publication calendar could be a format, and you’ll be able alter it the way you need. The more detailed customization is included to it, the way better. On the off chance that it suits your needs because it is, awesome!

2. Get Trello for mobile

Download the Trello app on your portable phone and utilize the gadget to capture thoughts rapidly when you’re out and approximately. Here’s how

  • To begin with, download and introduce the Trello app from Appstore or Google Play
  • Moment, include the gadget to your phone’s gadget zone
  • At that point, hold up until you’re hit with a substance thought. Presently, rapidly get your phone out and press the widget’s “Add card” button
  • Select the Trello board and the list that you just need the card to be included to. This would be one of your thought records.
  • Finally, click the “Add” button, and that’s it! Your new idea has been saved to your idea list.

3. Use the calendar power-up

When the calendar power-up is enacted in Trello you may see the planned posts within the Trello calendar making up to a month’s worth of substance obvious at a look. Basically tap the calendar power-up found at the beat of your board.

Presently you’ll see a calendar with all your cards unmistakable at the alloted date, with its names. I have done a few demo planning with cards in all the diverse records to appear you how it looks like within the Trello calendar.

Within the calendar see you will press on the cards and see them specifically from the calendar interface. Take note that all the status names are moreover appearing, which gives you a great diagram of status of all the planned posts. The labels are clarified in more detail underneath in conjunction with the other highlights of the board.

4. Use Mammoth

In case you have got a WordPress location and compose your substance in Microsoft Word or in Google Docs, you’ll be able utilize a plugin called Mammoth .docx converter to purport a post from your composing client effectively into WordPress!

5. Use Yoast

Presently you’ll be able fair do the errands in this checklist and get the stuff done! The YOAST SEO plugin is exceptionally accommodating when working through this list.

Start building out your editorial calendar

Utilizing a few shape of a piece of calendar could be a must for each substance maker. I trust you’ve got delighted in perusing this post which it has given you with some valuable esteem.

Appreciate this editorial calendar! I hope it makes a distinction in your workflow proficiency. If it’s not too much trouble take off a comment in case you have got any questions and I’ll be upbeat to reply them the most excellent I can!

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