Every windows shortcut key

Every windows shortcut key

A keyboard key that, when pushed, launches an operation or application in the operating system. Shortcut keys, which require pressing two or three keys simultaneously, are programmed to perform typical actions like starting a favourite program. Here are some commonly used Windows key shortcuts:

Windows Key:

Open or close the Start menu.

Windows Key + D:

Show or hide the desktop.

Windows Key + E:

Open File Explorer.

Windows Key + L:

Lock your computer or switch accounts.

Windows Key + R:

Open the Run dialog box.

Windows Key + S:

Open the Search bar.

Windows Key + I:

Open the Settings app.

Windows Key + Tab:

Open Task View for managing open windows.

Windows Key + Up Arrow:

Maximize the current window.

Windows Key + Down Arrow:

Minimize the current window or restore if maximized.

Windows Key + Left Arrow or Right Arrow:

Snap the current window to the left or right side of the screen.

Windows Key + Print Screen:

Capture a screenshot and save it to the Screenshots folder.

Windows Key + Ctrl + D:

Create a new virtual desktop.

Windows Key + Ctrl + Left Arrow or Right Arrow:

Switch between virtual desktops.

Windows Key + X:

Open the power user menu, which provides quick access to various system tools.

Windows Key + Pause/Break:

Open the System Properties window.

Windows Key + Number (1-9):

Launch or switch to the program pinned to the taskbar in the corresponding position.

Windows Key + Shift + S:

Capture a specific region of the screen using the Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch.

These are just a few examples of Windows key shortcuts, and there are many more available depending on the version of Windows and installed software. You can explore additional shortcuts by referring to the Windows documentation or searching online for more comprehensive lists. There are a lot more Windows key shortcuts available based on the installed applications and the version of Windows; these are merely a few examples. By consulting the Windows manual or looking up more thorough listings online, you can investigate other shortcuts.

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